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Wuhu Yanda Runwei mechanical technology Co., Ltd was founded in April 2006, covers an area of 29556 square meters. It was collectively sponsored by Qinhuangdao Yanda accessories factory and Jiangsu Furen Group. Total aggregate investment has reached 110 million RMB.
The establishment of Wuhu Yanda marks another progress that has been achieved by Furen Group in automotive field. It represents enterprising management spirit of the group company, and incarnates concentric diversification strategy of the company.


The company's principal products include: rolled pieces and stretch bending parts for the car door, installed and welded car door frame assembly, and insulation board for engine. Relevant companies that are supplied by these products including: Chery automobile Co, Ltd., Jianghuai automobile Co, Ltd., and Beijing automobile Co, Ltd.; the current annual output achieves around 50 million RMB. 


Furen Group has progressive management mode and abundant capital strength, Wuhu Yanda relays on strong teams, R&D strength, and rich experience of Yanda Group. It is a win-win cooperation for the two sides, active exploration of common interests is more beneficial to resources integration. Complementary advantages accords with the common development goal of both sides.


Wuhu Yanda has been adopting a brand new development pattern, promoting new product R&D based on progress of mainstay industry, enhancing economic benefits of the company step by step. As a joint venture company which has a bright development prospect, the company will be expected to stand out in auto parts manufacture industry through scientific supervisor mode, rational analysis for market, plus the supporting from both sides.  In the future, we hope the company will rise rapidly and become a bellwether in automotive field.