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Wuhu Furen air conditioning equipment Co., Ltd., was founded on June 25 in 2007, it belongs to sheet metal manufacture industry. The company is primarily engaged in production and sales of air-conditioner  parts, metal stamping, welding cabinet, automobile stamping welding parts. It has more than 370 in-service employees and average annual output is greater than 150 million.


Wuhu Furen air conditioning equipment Co., Ltd, is another "zero distance" cooperation between Furen Group and Midea behind the establishment of Wuhan Furen. Two major assembly lines of the company have been mainly producing the exclusive sheet metal parts stamping and coating process for Guangdong Midea (Wuhu) refrigeration plant and has been formed in the batch production capacity. Company's workshop has digital automatic feed line, large (small) tonnage press assembly line, welding line, fully enclosed automatic control coating line and other production equipment. Thus the workshop already has the capacity of processing air conditioning sheet metal stamping over one million per year and ability of processing one million sets of coating parts.