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Jiangsu Furen Group is awarded the "Key enterprises in Jiangyin city" title of honor

Writer:Amber YangDate:2019-02-03


On the afternoon of January 28th, Jiangyin municipal Party committee and the municipal government have jointly convoked the annual key enterprise forum of the whole city. This forum was aiming to commend key enterprises which achieved excellent development performance and made prominent contributions to economic progress. There were 425 entrepreneurs merrily gathered to review the struggle and passion that paid; to share the success and joyousness that gained; to expect the blueprint of new year progress. Mr. Jinghu Chen, Mr. Yeming Cai, Mr. Xiaohu Sun, Mr. Dongqing Xu, other municipal officers, and principals of key enterprises attended this conversazione. Chairman of Jiangsu Furen Group, Mr. Renwei Yuan also participated forum and accepted commendation.





For many years, Jiangsu Furen Group has positively responded the policy of municipal Party committee and municipal government. As a key enterprise which always to be the first, pursue the excellence quality, grasp good opportunity, actively innovate, and continually promote comprehensive strength; creating a number of impressive performances. Over the past year,Furen Group was developing steadily according to characteristic industry with high technical content and competitive advantage. Although the national macroeconomic situation was abnormal and rigorous, Furen Group laid the firm foundation for realizing higher-quality development during "13th five-year" period. Therefore, Furen Group was awarded the "Key enterprise of Jiangyin city" title of honor once more in the year of 2018.


Jiangsu Furen Group chairman, Mr. Renwei Yuan accepted award (first one on right side)



At forum, Wuxi municipal committee and Jiangyin municipal Party secretary, Mr. Jinhu Chen on behalf of municipal Party committee, municipal people's congress, municipal government, and municipal committee, expressed his gratitude and regard to key enterprises which made important contributions for urban economic development. He said that in the past year, government departments and enterprises had worked together to break difficulties and obtain hard-won results for economic development of Jiangyin city. Profit from a number of corporations' worthy contributions, determined innovations, positive participation, initiative responsibility, and strong support. Therefore, Jiangyin city's comprehensive strength has continually enhanced; old and new kinetic energy has continually transformed; city function has continually improved; ecological environment has continually optimized; and people's livelihood has continually promoted. Among 60 thousands enterprises in the entire city, key enterprises had more outstanding advance and made more prominent contributions. Secretary Mr. Jinhu Chen wished key enterprise should not be anxious when facing different voices; should not be evasive when facing difficulties; should not be afraid when facing revolution; should not be hesitating when confronting openness; should not be prideful when facing success. Government departments and enterprises would keep working together and struggling together for mutual dreams.





In the following year, Furen group will keep maintaining good enterprise spirit of struggling dreams, innovating new ideas, assuming responsibility, keeping the faith, and dedicating development. Continually making a better contribution for building new Jiangyin city with better development


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