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Twenty-fifth anniversary celebration of Jiangsu Furen Group

Writer:Amber YangDate:2019-01-21






Time stops for no one and the seasons keep changing. During the period from 1993 to 2018, as the time goes by, Furen Group is welcoming its twenty-fifth anniversary celebration. With the twenty-five years developing process, all staff of Furen Group has made excellent achievements by experiencing baptism and competition of market. As a summary of history and a beginning of next journey, the twenty-fifth anniversary celebration of "Digitized Furen, Struggle for realizing the dreams" has been conducted successfully at Furen boutique hotel on January 15th and 16th. 







In celebration, chairman of Furen Group, Mr. Renwei Yuan has made the speech that appreciated the efforts of all members in the past, and looked forward to better achievements in the next year.The company has set up various awards for commending employees who have outstanding work performances and should be the role model for other people to learn. Meanwhile, chairman Yuan has signed responsibility certificate of management objective with each general manager of subsidiary companies, in order to implement group strategy perfectly and reach business targets completely. On the one hand, we do not feel endless about twenty-five years, because we have kept remembering our original intention and would not lose ourselves. On the other hand, we feel the journey of twenty-years is boundless, because our quality has been shaped by the trials and hardships of years are valuable for us to cherish. 







At twenty-fifth anniversary celebration dinner, employees showed their versatility on singing, dancing, and reciting. Gorgeous choreography, lighting, electrifying musical compositions, and creative performances that made audiences laugh all the time. It is not just a family feast, but also a gala for all members of Furen Group. Moreover, the lucky draw session heated up the atmospher, prizes have everything that audiences expected to get, such as a refrigerator, washing machine, mobile phone, electric cooker. During the process, people on and off the stage were interacting with each other, cheerful atmosphere was making the celebration become the sea of joy.


Tenty-five years is like a drop of time ocean. Paper is too short to describe our feelings about past glory; time is too long to dissipate glory of dreams. Even though we have spent twenty-five years to develop, the new journey might just start.  The sense of ritual provides driving force for dream-seekers to keep moving ahead. Let time and tide witness the next twenty-five years become more brilliant.

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