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"Youth, Sunshine, Motivation" -- keynote speech contest of Chinese Youth Day in Furen Group

Writer:Amber YangDate:2018-05-09



Walking on the drum of the years, May is coming with its youth and energy; with the beat of the times, we passionately sing for it to expect our next journey in May. On May 4th, Furen Group conducted a speech contest with the theme of "Youth, Sunshine, Motivation" in order to enrich the spirit of "May fourth" and spread young positive energy. More than 150 participants attended this event, including Mrs. Li Xu- secretary of youth league committee in Chengjiang Street; Mr. Junwei Yuan-secretary of the Party committee and vice-president of Furen Group; Mrs. Liwen Zhao-vice secretary of Furen Party committee; members of Party group; Party members; and youth representative of league members. 




Mrs. Li Xu, secretary of youth league committee in Chengjiang Street made a speech for this event. She indicates that, learning and propagandizing the spirit of 19th National Congress is guidance of this speech competition. It focuses on the central idea of the league and combines with "13th five-year plan" development strategy of Furen Group. It is highlighting the league members' performances about diligently learn working skills, overcome difficulties, technical improvement, save the cost of production, enhance efficiency, safety in production and other excellent deeds. Encouraging members to passionate in their jobs, learn from advanced individual and benchmarking management. This event is a youth gala for everyone exchanges and understands different thoughts through communication. In the meanwhile, Mr. Yuan sends words that  young people should set up aim for higher aspirations, enrich own knowledge, temper own willpower. Cherishing current youth, no regrets for the good time that we owned. Conducting passion effort in this moment, substantial and regretless youth memory will be remembered in the later.




Then, youth representatives of each Furen Group Party branches show their real feelings, own stories and other excellent deeds beside them to everyone from different angles vividly. Substantially displays the vigorous mental state and dedicated ideological level of today's young generation. Youth dream, youth responsibility, and youth power is experienced by every present people in this event. Atmosphere of this speech competition is enthusiastic and brilliant.





"Youth is serving for struggle, the struggle of youth is most beautiful. The concept of "let dream encourage the youth, let dedication enrich the youth, let struggle fascinate the youth" has been built consistently by attendees. This speech contest ignites employees' working enthusiasm of cherishing the time, hardworking, and study diligently to improve own abilities. It shows everyone's spirit of keeping original intention in mind and striving forward, cohering young positive energy for the high-quality development of Furen Group in the future. 

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