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XuDuan Group won the award of Hidden Champion in Made in China 2025 Summit Forum

Writer:Amber YangDate:2017-11-30



The third Made in China 2025 Summit Forum that co-sponsored by Huaxin Research Institute of MIIT, The Economic Observer Newspaper, and the <Quality> program, was satisfactorily ended in Beijing On November 25th, 2017. Attendances were talking about the future development paths of Chinese manufacturing according to the subject of "Quality of craftsmanship, Creative idea of future". Discussion was conformed to the tendency of production informatization, digitization, and intelligentialize; grasped fundamental issue of transformation, upgrading, improve quality and efficiency in Chinese manufacturing. It was completely in conformity with the general requirement of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. The forum was gathering numerous leaders from the governmental agencies, regulator, domestic and overseas enterprises, who had collectively discussed hot issues and communicated developing ways of Chinese manufacturing. XuDuan Group was invited to attend this conference as the hidden champion of forum, chairman of Furen Group. Mr. Renwei Yuan attended and accepted the interviews.




XuDuan Group as the leader of Chinese intelligent forging equipment which won the award of Hidden Champion in the Third Made in China 2025 Summit Forum, depends on it advanced industrial technology. Chairman- Renwei Yuan conducted a round-table conversation on the stage that shared XuDuan Group's refining experience with presenter. Mr. Yuan indicates that quality is the most important issue in history of enterprise development. XuDuan has steadily transformed from extensive form to precision and automatic form by absorbing the 4.0 technology of German industry. XuDuan Group has introduced European advanced processing technology, quality management experience, and servo press technology to catch general trend of digitization, networking, and intelligentialize. XuDuan intelligent machines is the support for serving the auto industry, household appliance industry, and electrical machinery industry. XuDuan Group devotes itself to build intelligent forging equipment system integrator in order to provide worldwide advanced product to Chinese customers. Intelligent manufacture is considered as another yearning for better life.





To realize the transformation and upgrade from Chinese manufacturing to Chinese intelligent manufacturing is required collective power of Chinese manufacturers, "remember the original intention in mind, forge ahead". XuDuan Group will insist goal of development about "Become the Chinese forging equipment system integrator" and " Make XuDuan as the leader of Chinese intelligent forging equipment production". Confidence of XuDuan for becoming the first-class brand on world forge industry will be firm, the path to prosperity of XuDuan Group will must be explored.

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