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City leaders visited Furen Group after the Spring Festival


February 15 was the 8th day of first lunar month. Executive deputy mayor of Jiangyin City, Mr. Sun Xiaohu, deputy mayor Ms. Wu Fang, deputy mayor Mr. Yu Weicai, the Secretary of Party Working committee of Chengjiang Subdistrict visited Furen Group in order to know the back-to-work situation.

Accompanied by Chairman Mr. Yuan Renwei, the city leaders visited the NC workshop, NO.1 Welding Shop and NO.2 Welding Shop which were located at the East Dongwaihuai Road.

Having seen that workers of the workshop were all occupied, the city leaders were all satisfied with the back-to-work situation, encouraged the staff to be involved in New Year’s Production with full spirit and high morale.

Chairman Mr. Yuan Renwei said, A year’s plan starts with spring. In the New Year, Furen Group would strive to realize the good beginning of The Thirteenth Five-Year and make greater contribution to build a strong rich beautiful new Jiangyin. 

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