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Furen Electric company did well in the safety work at the end of the year


The end of the year is coming, when organizing the production, Furen Electric Company did well in the safety work, took a series of preventive measures, strengthen the safety concept and operation and laid a good foundation to ensure the zero accident all over the year. 

In order to let the staff know the dangerous resources and increase their rescue and escape knowledge, Furen ElectrIc Company invited an external fire knowledge expert to conduct a fire knowledge training for the staff.  The training developed from two aspects: fire-fighting knowledge propaganda and escape techniques. The expert showed them the shocking pictures and typical fire cases in recent years, warned the staff to attach great importance to fire safety, and remind them to work in strict accordance with the work discipline. In the end the expert carried out a vivid detailed demonstration and explanation to show how to use the fire equipment and how to rescue. 

For further improve the staff’s ability to self-protect and rescue, the Furen Electric Company also organized a real fire drill. The person in charge of security guided the participants to use the fire extinguishers for on-site fire drills. After the drill, he explained the fire safety emergency operation and fire escape skills for the staff, taught them how to give an alarm, rescue and escape in a correct way. 

Through safety training and fire drill, all the staff had a profound understanding of the importance of fire safety and the necessity of preventing fire, understood how to effectively carry out the on-site disposal, which had a positive effect on the safety work of the company.

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