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Shanghai Jieneng held a sprint mobilization meeting for the Brightness Program


The Brightness Program, which was started by the Shanghai municipal government, was a power facilities (before electric energy meter) maintenance and renovation project for the old residential area. Since September, the construction has been carried out for more than two months. At the request of Pudong Power company, the project should be completed in early December. So Shanghai Jieneng convened the construction teams to hold a sprint mobilization meeting for the Brightness Program. The Vice manager Mr. Cai Peng, general manager assistant Mr. Wu De, the heads of departments and outsourcing teams attended the meeting. 

This meeting highlighted the construction quantity, the work objective of next phrase, construction requirements and so on. The meeting pointed out that the project progress must be completed on schedule, the project safety and quality of the project can not be careless, the construction team should pay more attention to undertake the project in a safety and environment-friendly manner.  Mr. Cai required that, in the final phase we must ensure the safety and quality of the project, give a perfect account to Pudong Power company and make adequate preparations for undertaking more projects in the next year.

Shanghai Jieneng would finish the two areas, which have not been completed, at the "model project" requirements, continue to strengthen the safety production, construction quality and other management elements, earnestly implement the construction requirements for the creation of model project and forge ahead for the development of enterprises. 

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